Wine Club #36: Babes With The Power

You remind me of the babe

What babe? babe with the power

For this allocation we are channeling Magic Dance from the Labyrinth! I mean… right? That’s our way of saying we looked at the wines we were really enjoying, the clear and cheerful winners, and we noticed they had a few things in common - they all have women at the helm and they are all imported by Roni Ginach. Roni sees wine as a mode of communication, creating space and community. We couldn't agree more. Each bottle in this allocation tells a story. Where the grapes are grown, how the sun shined and the rain fell, who did what in the vineyard, when it was harvested, how it fermented. But that’s not all, and this wine club is a great example, the story is also about the babe that made the wine, their path to the very bottle in your little paws at this very moment. It’s a dance (magic, dance). We hope you enjoy these babes, the wines and the winemakers and the wine importer and the wine seller. It’s a conversation between all of us, and you!

Bottoms up!

Catherine Bernard La Route des Crêtes

Catherine Bernard reminds us it’s never too late to switch gears and do something totally different. She was a journalist before she took to wine making and farming. She started buying grapes, then shared a winery and plot with another grower until in 2015 when she built her own space. She farms biodynamically and is certified organic. In 2018, mold and then hail caused Catherine to lose 85% of her harvest. Because you can keep a good gal down she decided to blend the Grenaches and Cinsaults that she had with her neighbor and, what do you know, it worked! La Route des Crêtes was born! Catherine makes red wines but she wants to drink white wine so kind of make red wine to satisfy a white wine drinker. Fresh bb! These grapes are hand harvested and fermented with native yeast in tank. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, with zero additions. 

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Domäne Vincendeau Loire Gold

Liv Vincendeau is German but found herself in Rochefort-sur-Loire with dreams to make wine. She began studying wine and a decade or so later she and her husband found an old farmhouse for sale. Bought it. Done. Then she found a small parcel at the top of the town. It’s hers! Of course she immediately started converting the vineyard to organic, and of course she works the land with a horse rather than machines, because it’s WAY cuter - but also carbon footprint. Liv mostly grows Chenin Blanc and we are not mad about that. These old vine grapes were hand harvested and pressed directly. Fermented with native yeast in stainless steel the wine spent over a year on the lees. Secondary fermentation brings the bubbles (yea!). Unfined, minimal filtration, minimal addition of sulfur.

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Domaine Henri Milan Le Papillon Rouge

Saint Rémy de Provence is where the artist Vincent van Gogh painted his famous masterpiece “The Starry Night”. It’s also where Emmanuelle and Theophile make wine! Emmanuelle and Theophile and the kids of Henri Milan who took over for his dad in 1986. Henri was passionate about the vines and wines but it wasn't until 1996 that he realized he needed to start farming according to biodynamic principles. In 2000 they made their first wine without sulfur. The Grenache Noir, Syrah, Mouvedre were hand harvested and fermented with native yeast, whole cluster in cement for 6 days, then pressed and the wine aged on the lees in concrete. No fining, filtering, and no additions of any kind. 

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Oest Wines Rachis

Oest Wines is a project between two buddies Tahnee Shields (former Roni Selects sales rep!) and Brad Artziniega. They are making wine in the sierra foothills and sourcing grapes from the alpine area. Rachis is the name for the skeleton of stems which gives a grape cluster its shape. The 2021 Rachis grapes all come from a single organically farmed vineyard. The Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc get together - co-ferment, if you will and are foot tread and macerated with native yeast for a handful of hours before pressed into old barrels. The wine hangs out in barrel for a few months then goes into bottle for another six months. Unfined, unfiltered, with a minimal addition of sulfur.

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Kortavebis Marani 6 Varieties 

Tamuna Bidzinashvilli is a rarity in Georgia - a young female winemaker. She is the only one in her ilk to blend indigenous grapes and work outside of the traditional framework while still employing millennia old practices. Kortava Cellar is located in Eastern Georgia, and consists of a family farm, 2 hectares of grapes, and her winery. As it says on the label this wine consists of 6 grape varieties: Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Kisi, Mtsvivani, Kindzmarauli - farmed organically. Have you heard of those grapes? Three of them maybe but… don't worry - Tamuna keeps a special section of her vineyard dedicated to growing rare grape varieties - there are 35 indigenous grape varieties growing as a kind of library. You will also notice this label says “rosé”. Maybe for Georgian standards, but we call it a red wine. The grapes macerate on the skins for 2 weeks, native yeast fermentation and aging all happen in qveri. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, with zero additions of any kind.

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