Murakami Syouten Brown Sugar

Murakami Syouten Brown Sugar

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Sugarcane from Hateruma Island 

Perhaps this is the most lovely sugar from anywhere in the world available today. 

To taste Kokuto is nothing like a spoonful of sugar or a cube of table sugar. To taste Kokuto is like an awakening! It is not sweet like you expect from sugar. It is almost savory, with hints of molasses, earthy tones and even a rich subtle touch of tobacco on the top of edge of the back of the tongue. It is full of complexity with many flavor hits and hints. 

It is most often used for savory dishes like noodles soups, stir-fry, hot pots and sushi rice. And of course straight up, like a health pill of sugar. 
This sugar is from the southern most island in the chain of over 150 islands in Okinawa Prefecture, south of the mainland of Japan. Unlike many brown sugars (made with white sugar mixed with molasses), Kokuto (rich black sugar) is made by slowly cooking and reducing the sugarcane juice. 

Sugarcane is prepared this way is antioxidant rich, legend says it is a fighter of infections and helps strengthen your immunities. Rich in calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins B1 & B2 and essential amino acids. Potassium helps excrete excess sodium and keeps the blood pressure balanced. Calcium is know for preventing high blood pressure, arterial sclerosis and keeping you calm. Kokuto can help with dehydration, infections and even a fever fighter. Keep in mind that processed white sugar cane is not the same and can have the opposite health benefits. 

Kokuto dates back to the 17th century and now is a protected process by the Okinawa Prefecture Brown Sugar Industry Council ensuring the quality and production methods are used. Just seven of the islands grow sugar cane. 

How great is this? Pop some sugar for your health!