Mauviel Crepe Pan

Mauviel Crepe Pan

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Made from black steel (carbon steel) which is known for excellent heat conduction. This high density material, does not retain odors and withstands high temps so allows longer preheating - killer searing - seals in nutrients and flavors. After seasoning it acquires natural non-stick properties. Lighter than cast iron!

Hand wash - with hot water immediately after use & then wipe immediately dry, store in dry place

Made in France

This is one of the Miracle Plum owner's favorite kitchen tool! Years ago, Santa brought her kids a Mauviel crepe pan. That pan turned into two pans for the family by the next Christmas. And with that, a beloved tradition of crepe making for just about every kid sleep over, holiday brunch, or slow weekend morning was born. The kids are all grown now but when they come to town you can bet there will be some crepe making happening, especially on their last morning at home.