Reluctant Trading Experiment Bollywood Theater Chai

Reluctant Trading Experiment Bollywood Theater Chai

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Make no mistake, this is not the weak, boring chai you find on supermarket shelves. This Bollywood Theater Masala Chai is as close as you can get to the stuff served by the Chai Wallahs in the streets of Delhi.

Featured in Bon Appetit's "The Best Chai You Can Buy" and an editor's choice at Food & Wine

This is an authentic, rich and robust Masala Chai blend featuring the freshest Indian Assam Black Tea, Green Cardamom, Cloves, Black Pepper and Ginger (plus more) Reluctant Trading Experiment could find. They worked with Portland, OR based Bollywood Theater's Chef, Troy MacLarty, to put together the same blend he serves in his award-winning restaurants. 

Delicious served hot or on ice.