Lolita Mis en Bec

Lolita Mis en Bec

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By: Lolita 

Place: Rhône Valley, France

Color: Orange 

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah

Viticulture: Organic, By Hand 

The Sauvignon Blanc was macerated on the skins for one week. A week before bottling, Lolita added a little of her Syrah, which had macerated for a week, to bring structure and substance to the wine. Lolita does absolutely everything by hand, from working the vineyard (hand harvested) to designing the labels. She utilizes a clique press, lightly crushes by foot, and fills her barrels by bucket. Committed to minimal intervention, Lolita’s wines use only organically farmed grapes and are never fined or filtered with zero sulfur added.