Miracle Plum includes an ever growing, shifting, and changing wine shop. Our focus is on natural or low intervention wines. For us, that means grapes farmed in stewardship to the land with an emphasis on organic and bio-dynamic practices. The winemakers we feature practice native yeast fermentation and strive to add nothing/ take nothing away, in attempts to let the wines, grapes, land have the loudest voice. Also, we like the way it tastes.


Each month, we pick wines we are hyped on and share why we love em’. Our selection may include red, white, rosé, orange, or sparkling - it’s more fun that way!

These wines will reflect our in-shop wine selection; organically farmed labels, small production vineyards, wine makers with integrity, lower intervention & thoughtful practices. In other words, delicious things made well.

Wine Club members will receive 10% off all our wines in the shop.

Tasting Notes!

If you want to have some fun, give us your tasting notes for wines you've picked up at the shop.

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