K-POP Korean Chili Sauce - Medium

K-POP Korean Chili Sauce - Medium


KPOP Sauce is Sweet and Tangy with a Kick!

KPOP brought gochujang into the modern era by putting it in a squeezable bottle. Beginning with their Grandma’s 70-year-old recipe, KPOP Sauce is made using premium Korean ingredients. The result is a sauce that’s uniquely sweet and spicy that blends perfectly with anything and everything.

Instantly elevate your basic eggs or Chinese takeout with just a squeeze

  • FLAVOR THAT SURPRISES. With a slow and savory heat that's not overpowering, KPOP Sauce is the perfect sidekick to your next meal.

  • ENDLESSLY VERSATILE. BBQ Season? Bring it on. Tacos? Let's tango. KPOP Sauce takes all of your favorite foods to the next level.

  • EASY, SQUEEZABLE BOTTLE. Whether it's a little dab or a hard squeeze, our bottles are so easy to use you'll wonder where all of it went.

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