Fall Mezze Workshop and Dinner with Seasoned Cook founder Megan Barrie

Fall Mezze Workshop and Dinner with Seasoned Cook founder Megan Barrie


There’s no better way to celebrate the fall harvest than to prepare a deliciously simple and satisfying mezze platter with the season’s best. This hands on cooking class is an opportunity to make dishes like flavor-packed hummus, roasted baba ganoush, tzatziki, and a brilliantly bright herbaceous salad with pickled onion, pomegranate, and dressing from scratch. These dishes are no-fail, crowd-pleasing mezze (or appetizers) when combined with fresh veggies, feta, olives, and pita, make up an incredibly heartwarming meal. At the end of our hands-on workshop we’ll sit down to enjoy the meal we've prepared together.

Saturday October 19th


About Megan: Seasoned Cook was founded in spring 2018 by Megan Barrie as a way to get home cooks in the kitchen to use seasonal produce to make darn good food while learning lifelong tricks and recipes to pass on. Megan grew up in the kitchen making quick stir fry and spaghetti with her parents, and became a seasoned home cook through hosting weeknight meals with roommates and potluck dinners with friends. Ultimately, it was her desire to share lessons and recipes learned in the kitchen that led her to teach kids with Sprouts Cooking Club and eventually begin to teach her own classes with Seasoned Cook in her Berkeley kitchen. 

Seasoned Cook workshops are founded on the idea that every person has the power to transform good ingredients into healthy, comforting dishes. A successful workshop means happy bellies, new friends, and a confidence in the recipes & techniques you learned to create it again. Perhaps, with your own spin!

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