Koda Farms Kokuho Rose Brown Rice

Koda Farms Kokuho Rose Brown Rice


Kokuho Rose is a true heirloom, possessing hallmarks that stand in stark contrast to those considered desirable in industrial scale farming.  In essence, Kokuho Rose is slow to mature, low in yield, and tall in stature – adding significant effort to its production. Preserving this proprietary strain of rice requires a three year commitment merely to produce the seed, which Koda Farms fulfills by maintaining their private seed nurseries. A perfect expression of the land it was specifically bred to thrive upon, we consider our rice to be “au terroir”.  Whole grain with bran layer intact, our genmai (Japanese for “brown rice”) is  complex and subtle, light floral flavor with a naturally slightly sweet afternote. Tender texture, but more substantial than our white KR. . Perfect for table rice, sushi, as well as other traditional medium grain preparations which depend on a similar starch profile such as Italian risotto and Spanish paella. Again, our product averages less than 2% broken kernels.  (USDA industry standard allows up to 4% broken kernels.)  Versions: Conventional and Certified Organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), certified Kosher by KSA, GMO free (Non-GMO Project Verified), Gluten free. No additives of any sort, pure, unadulterated rice. 

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