Little Apple Treats Meyer Lemon Green Coriander Shrub

Little Apple Treats Meyer Lemon Green Coriander Shrub

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Green coriander comes from bolting cilantro that's going to seed, but hasn't dried into true coriander yet. Each small, shiny green seed evokes pink peppercorns, lemon verbena and a touch of the tropics--a truly unique flavor. We infuse it into our apple cider vinegar, along with backyard Meyer lemons picked at the peak of ripeness! The result is this wonderful, sophisticated shrub. 

Little Apple Treats shrubs are a blend of their farm-made apple cider vinegar, fresh fruit, and a touch of sugar. There are a lot of ways to use them: a couple of teaspoons in a glass of sparkling water makes a natural soda or they can be used as a cocktail mixer, salad dressing or marinade! 

All their shrubs are a blend of our apple cider vinegar, the highest quality fruit, and a dash of sugar.

Stir into a glass of sparkling water for a natural soda or use in cocktails, salad dressings or marinades!